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Our purpose with these species accounts is to summarise what is known about plants and explore the limits of this knowledge. We encourage the reader to undertake their own investigations, with suggestions of topical issues that need further study. There are always many things yet to be discovered, but it is not always easy to know what would be most useful to study.

Feedback is encouraged, and interesting contributions are appended to each page to help illustrate the ongoing debates and issues of importance.

The accounts are aimed at naturalists with a serious interest in botany, at students studying at Masters level or above, and at writers of Floras in Britain and other countries.

Researchers are invited to contribute accounts on species they are working on and to request help, for example by asking for quadrats or for people to collect specimens.

Visit the instructions for authors page if you might be interesting in contributing an account.

Readers are welcome to borrow ideas from these accounts for their own research and copy the images for non-commercial purposes. It is always good practice to reference and acknowledge any material you use, so a suggested citation is given on each page.

Any opinions given are those of the authors, and not necessarily of the BSBI. Potential authors are invited to contribute.

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